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CLADFIN® are quality fins and finned tube products that offer a variety of benefits over other finned tubes on the market. It’s a nickel chrome-coated product that’s up to one mil thick. So it will never rust. 

Additionally, the fins are bonded to the tube using a process called diffusion bonding which ensures that they will never come loose. Therefore, it results in a product that has superior heat transfer properties and is far more durable than other finned tubes on the market.

What are finned tubes?

Finned tubes are heat exchanger tubes with extended surfaces to increase the effective heat transfer area. The extended surface can be in the form of fins, which are metal plates that are welded, brazed, or bonded to the tube. In some cases, the finned tube may also have an inner groove or an outer groove to increase its surface area further.

Heat exchangers mainly consist of finned tubes to transfer heat. However, copper-finned tubes are more susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, choosing a finned tube that is more resistant to corrosion is best to ensure longevity. One prime example is Cladfin tubes.

What CLADFIN® finned tube is all about

Copper-finned tubes deliver superior efficiency when it comes to heat transfer optimization. However, copper is more susceptible to corrosion. On the other hand, chrome and nickel can resist corrosion more. So it can protect the material from degradation.

CLADFIN® finned tubes are nickel chrome coated, which can create a high heat and corrosion-resistant bond of the fin to the tube surface. Even though stainless steel is a good option due to its corrosion resistance, it still provides lower heat transfer optimization.

Furthermore, it’s more cost-effective and a suitable choice compared to stainless steel, with the added benefit of an increased heat transfer rate.

Two major benefits of CLADFIN® finned tubes

There are several benefits of using CLADFIN® finned tubes. Once you understand its uses and benefits, you can make a wiser decision when it’s time to place an order with us.

Better than stainless steel in terms of heat optimization

Finned tubes are used to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers. The goal is to minimize the equipment’s cost while maximizing its output. When it comes to optimizing heat, copper outperforms stainless steel.

The thermal conductivity of copper is about four times that of stainless steel. So it can transfer heat more quickly than stainless steel. Additionally, the finned tubes are clad with nickel and chrome. It creates an even stronger bond between the fin and the tube. As a result, it results in a product with superior heat transfer properties.

More cost-effective

While stainless steel might be able to resist corrosion better than copper, it’s still more expensive. Stainless steel comprises various alloying elements, such as iron, chromium, nickel, manganese, and copper. Some manufacturers add 10% chromium for corrosion resistance, which makes it even more expensive.

On the other hand, CLADFIN® finned tubes are made out of copper. But they are coated with nickel and chrome, making them less expensive but still protected from corrosion due to high heat.

CLADFIN® finned tube offers superior heat transfer & is more durable than other finned tubes on the market

Do you want to save money while getting high-quality results? CLADFIN® is your answer. It’s not susceptible when it comes to corrosion, and it’s not very expensive if you have a big project coming up.

At Fin Tube Productions, Inc., you’ll find top-tier fin material to improve your operations. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You may also request a quote or contact us today.


Tubing Outside Diameter
  • 1/4″ to 3″
  • See our MiniFin section for smaller sizes
Tubing Length

Up to 20′ standard with 40′ flip available

Number of Fins per Inch

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Fin Height

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950° continuous 1150°F Intermittent (Finbraze®)

  • Similar or Dissimilar combinations
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Copper Nickel
  • Call for specialties!
Secondary Operations
  • “U” bends
  • Coils
  • Various Shapes
Professional Associations

Cryogenic Society of America

Equipment List

Atmospheric Brazing Furnace
Multiple convertible lathes
Stick, MIG, and TIG welders

Finned Tube in Lathe Video

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