With the use of our CLADFIN® process a nickel chrome coating of up to one mil thick is applied to the complete tube and carbon fin surface. When processed in our Controlled Atmopheric Brazing Furnace the coating will diffuse up to 1/2 mil into the surface of the tube and fin. This creates a high heat and corrosion resistant bond of the fin to tube surface. CLADFIN® affords a suitable option to the high cost of all stainless steel construction, with the additive benefit of an increased heat transfer rate.



Tubing Outside Diameter
  • 1/4″ to 3″
  • See our MiniFin section for smaller sizes
Tubing Length

Up to 20′ standard with 40′ flip available

Number of Fins per Inch

See our Quick Reference Guide

Fin Height

See our Quick Reference Guide


950° continuous 1150°F Intermittent (Finbraze®)

  • Similar or Dissimilar combinations
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Copper Nickel
  • Call for specialties!
Secondary Operations
  • “U” bends
  • Coils
  • Various Shapes
Professional Associations

Cryogenic Society of America

Equipment List

Atmospheric Brazing Furnace
Multiple convertible lathes
Stick, MIG, and TIG welders

Finned Tube in Lathe Video

Finned Tube at Fin Tube Products, Inc. in Lathe.MOV