Fin Tube Products, Inc. is a leader in the development and production of miniature finned tubing. Finned tubing can be supplied in sizes descending from 1/4″ to a diameter as small as .015″. Fin counts can reach up to 142 fins per inch on the hypodermic size tubing.

Fins are helically wound and then secured with a Soldered or FINBRAZE® fin to tube attachment. The miniature fin tubes are generally used for low temperature cryogenic, or biomedical applications. A typical cryogenic use would be a coiled heat exchanger supporting a Joule-Thomson port (J-T port).

FTP will work with customer engineers to develop prototype finned tube constructions for pilot evaluations.



Tubing Outside Diameter

0.015″ Min and up

Tubing Length

Varies with tube OD.

Number of Fins per Inch

To 142

Fin Height

Varies with tube OD.


Depending on Finbraze® or Soldered

  • Copper
  • Copper Nickel
  • Stainless
Industrial Served
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Cryogenic
Professional Associations

Cryogenic Society of America

Equipment List

Atmospheric Brazing Furnace
Multiple convertible lathes

Soldering Furnace
Stick, MIG, and TIG welders