Fin Tube Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of finned tubes. We create different styles of finned tubing. Our primary process is a brazed finned tube using our continuous belt Atmospheric Brazing Furnace.

The products created through this outstanding technique are used in various sectors, so we’re proud to say that we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what each of our clients needs.


Our FINBRAZE® tubing is the most suitable bond for high-temperature applications due to the metallurgical bond created between the tube and the fin. This bonding ensures stress-free and non-porous contact with a consistent look.


The CLADFIN® finned tube has a nickel chrome coating of up to one mil thick, creating a finned tube that is more corrosion resistance, but still maintains the heat transfer efficiency of the base material.


Our mini-fin tube  is made from hypodermic tubing.  The sizes range from 0.015″ up to 1/4″.  So they’re the ideal option for low-temperature biomedical and cryogenic applications.


We have similar and dissimilar Edge Tension fin tubes for moderate ambient environments. The ideal temperature is low, up to 250°F for air-cooled heat exchangers. Edge Tension is created by the mechanical tension of a finning machine.  This style of finned tubing is used in lower-temperature applications.


We offer Stamped/Plate fins that are fabricated in house. The Stamp Fin is called “Square Fin.” We offer this in two styles, a square fin and a round fin.


“L” Foot or Shoulder tension finned tubing provides a regular fin spacing. Thus, interlocking the fin radius overlap with the exposed edge. It’s an excellent option to prevent separation and movement in different cycling circumstances.


Our Coils & Bending services are ideal for your custom heat exchanger designs. We currently have corkscrew, “U” bends and serpentine shapes. These can be done for prototype and small or large-scale production runs.

Fin Tube Manufacturer

Used in Heat Exchangers, Boiler Economizers, Coolers and Heaters

Fin Tube Products, Inc.

Industries We Serve

We’re a fin tube company that you can rely on. We have different styles of finned tubing, and finned pipes. With our exceptional services and products, we can produce large volumes at competitive prices for various industries’ specific applications and purposes.

Here are the primary industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Cryogenic
  • Biomedical
  • Industrial
  • Industrial heat exchanger

We Strive to Provide Quality Fin Tubing Products for Your Needs

We understand how each of our clients has different requirements regarding their orders. So we provide a wide range of products that are custom-made to your requirements.

Thanks to our expertise and years in the industry, we have honed our skills to accept any challenge we face. So if you have any concerns regarding our fin inc services, contact us today. Or you may request a quote, and we’ll find a solution to your problems immediately.

Atmospheric Brazing Furnace

Atmospheric Brazing Furnace

With the use of our in house Atmospheric Brazing Furnace complete control is maintained over the critical brazing process. By avoiding the out sourcing of our brazing your turn around time is improved, and complete quality control is maintained in house.