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Finbraze® Finned Tubing for the Industrial Heat Exchanger Industry

Finbraze® Finned Tubing
Finbraze® Finned Tubing

Celebrating 20 + Years Since 1993

Using our advanced Finbraze® brazing process, we manufacture a series of finned tubing that is used within various heat exchanger applications. The finned tubing is available in all current standard industrial sizes, and can be easily coiled or formed.

Meeting customer specifications, each finned tube can have similar or dissimilar metal combinations between the tube and fins. The product pictured, for example, possesses copper fins that were brazed onto a stainless steel tube. Our finned tubing is also manufactured to withstand temperatures up to 1150°F.

Once manufactured, the finned tubes are tested in-house in accordance with the Fin Tube Products' quality control system, and then packaged into various crates, boxes, and sleeves. We currently produce thousands of feet of this product, providing just-in-time delivery to several worldwide locations.

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Project Highlights

Product Name
Finbraze® Finned Tubing
Product Description
This Finbraze® Finned Tubing is used within heat exchanger applications.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Can Be Coiled or Formed into Multiple Shapes
Brazing/ Soldering
  • Finbraze®
  • Crated (Wood), Boxed or Sleeved
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Atmospheric Brazing Furnace
Convertible Lathes
Overall Part Dimensions
Material Thickness (Strip): .012" and up
Bare Tube O.D.: 1/4" and up smaller in our mini fin lines
Fin Size: 3/16" and up
Max. Temperature
Material Used
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Special Features
The Use of Dissimilar Metal Combinations Between
Tube and Fins
  • Such as a Copper Fin onto a Stainless Steel Tube as Pictured
Tubes are Annealed For Easy Coiling
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
The Finned Tubes are tested in house in accordance with the Fin Tube Products, Inc. quality control system.
Additional customer specific testing can also be performed.
Industry for Use
Industrial Heat Exchanger
Production Volume
Thousands of Feet
Delivery Time
Just In Time (J.I.T.)
Delivery Location
World wide
Standards Met
Customer Supplied Specifications

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