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The Advantages of Finbraze® Finned Tubes

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Here at Fin Tube Products, Inc., we specialize in fin tube heaters, fin tube radiators, and tube fin heat exchangers that exceed industry standards. Our flagship product, the Finbraze® finned tubing, stands out within our offerings due to its innovative features which are designed to offer many benefits across various applications.

Let’s dive into the many advantages that Finbraze® offers:

Metallurgical Bonding Excellence

One of the most significant benefits of Finbraze® is the advanced metallurgical bonding it utilizes. Through the use of a Controlled Atmospheric Brazing Furnace and applying a nickel alloy, it is possible to create a strong and stress-free bond between fin and tube. This process is perfect for any application that is subjected to high temperatures in the range of 250 to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to traditional welded joints, this Finbraze® method provides a contact surface which is uniform and non-porous. This is vital for being able to maintain the integrity of the fin tube when under extreme conditions.

Enhanced Heat Transfer Efficiency

Finbraze® finned tubes significantly improve heat transfer rates by increasing the surface area through annular fins. This enhancement is vital for tube fin heat exchangers utilized in various demanding environments to function efficiently. The use of dissimilar metals, such as copper and stainless steel, allows for the optimization of heat transfer properties and corrosion resistance. Copper fins, known for their superior heat transfer capabilities, paired with the durability of stainless steel tubes, provide ideal results for any fin tube radiator looking to maximize performance while mitigating environmental impact.

Durability and Adaptability

The Finbraze® tube fin heat exchangers’ adaptability in design after the brazing process allows for versatile applications. By supporting thinner tube walls, our technology reduces material costs and enhances the finned tube’s overall durability. These tubes can be expertly formed into various configurations like coils and U-bends, offering custom solutions for specialized fin tube radiators.

Controlled Production and Quality Assurance

Our in-house Controlled Atmospheric Brazing Furnace plays a pivotal role in maintaining consistent quality and efficiency. This process control eliminates the typical stress points and “hot spots” found in welded tubes, making our products more reliable and longer-lasting. By centralizing production, we reduce turnaround times and uphold stringent quality controls, ensuring each fin tube radiator and tube fin heat exchanger meets our high standards.

Broad Industrial Applications

Finbraze® finned tubing is instrumental across many sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Petrochemical, Cryogenic, Electrical, and National Defense. These industries benefit from the enhanced efficiency and durability of our tube fin heat exchangers, which are crucial in heat exchangers, boiler economizers, coolers, and heaters.

Your Partner in Advanced Finned Tube Solutions

If you need tube fin heat exchanger solutions, Fin Tube Products, Inc. is your ideal partner, thanks to our over 30 years of expertise. Whether you need straight lengths, shapes, coils, or custom prototypes, we are geared to deliver high-quality and cost-effective products that meet your every specification.

Contact us today to learn how our Finbraze® technology can enhance the efficiency and performance of your applications.